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United Gold Direct Review

Today, there are millions of investors who are both increasing and protecting their wealth with precious metals – and they don’t have to do it by worrying about the constant ups and downs of the stock market.

Precious metals can provide the opportunity for growth, as well as a hedge against inflation. By placing these investments into a self-directed IRA account, investors can reap even more benefits through tax-deferred growth.

But, before moving full force into a metals investment strategy, it is essential to know that the dealer you purchase your investments through is reputable, and that it offers a good selection of products so that your portfolio remains well diversified. One company that many investors have chosen to work with in the precious metals arena is United Gold Direct.

This California-based company is a nationally recognized leader in the metals industry. It serves all 50 of the U.S. states. United Gold Direct provides the highest quality metals to its clients, and it has a superior track record.

Metals Products Offered By United Gold Direct

United Gold Direct offers a wide selection of gold and other precious metals products. Because of this, investors can truly diversify their portfolios, and they have a better chance of finding the metal (or metals) that can fit their investment needs.

Metals that are offered through this company include gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals. Product formats include bullion, coins, bars, ingots, semi-numismatic, numismatic, and rare coins.

Some of the company’s top selling products include:

  • Certified Gold coins

  • Certified Silver coins

  • Proof Gold American Eagle

  • Proof Silver American Eagle

  • $20 Liberty (also known as the $30 Coronet)

  • $20 Saint Gaudens

  • Morgan Silver Dollar

  • Peace Silver Dollar

  • Swiss 20 Franc

The minimum order amount is $1,500 per transaction – regardless of the payment method that is used. While the company’s prices are typically already calculated for high volume wholesale orders, it will oftentimes extend additional discounts whenever possible on large sized orders.

Storage and Delivery

United Gold Direct ships out its orders via either insured United States Postal Service mail or through UPS. Packages are all tracked so that clients know exactly where their item is at all times. A signature is always required upon delivery.

Orders are usually processed within 24 to 48 hours (except on weekends and holidays), after the receipt of funds. Shipments are usually delivered within ten business days. However, during unusual market conditions, delivery could take up to 28 business days, depending on the availability.

Clients have the option of keeping their metals at home or in a personal bank safety deposit box. They may alternatively opt to store their metals in a storage depository. This can help to ensure the safety of their items. United Gold Direct will offer third party storage recommendations upon request to its customers.

One such option is to have metals stored at DDSC. This storage facility offers highly competitive pricing, as well as customer oriented service. The facility is also insured for $1 billion in coverage. This facility offers a wide array of different storage options, depending on an investor’s needs.

How to Open a Precious Metals IRA Account Through United Gold Direct

United Gold Direct does most of the legwork for investors in getting their precious metals IRA account set up and ready. An account must be opened through a self-directed IRA custodian. It must then be funded.

Funds may be placed inside of a self-directed IRA account by way of a direct deposit – up to the annual maximum amount that is allowed each year by law. Funds may also be rolled over or transferred from an eligible, already existing IRA and / or 401(k) account. The representatives at United Gold Direct are available to help with filling out all of the necessary paperwork to make this happen as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

The customer service reps at United Gold Direct are also available to assist investors in determining which metals may be the best ones to include inside of their self-directed IRA account, based on their particular goals, time frame, and risk tolerance.

This can be helpful, as there are only certain metals products that are eligible to be placed inside of a precious metals IRA account, based upon purity – many of which are offered by United Gold Direct.

In addition, the company also offers a free analysis on their current investment portfolio. This can help investors in determining whether or not they are qualified for a rollover into a precious metals IRA account.

United Gold Direct’s Customer Service

For questions and guidance on investing in gold and precious metals, customer service reps can be contacted. Investors can email the company. Or, reps can be called via a toll-free phone line during business hours. These are between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Pacific time each day.

The company also offers a free gold investment kit. This kit, which outlines the 8 things that every investor needs to know about investing in precious metals, can help investors to get a better understanding of how gold and other metals work, as well as how they can be integrated into one’s overall portfolio.

Company Ratings and Grades

United Gold Direct has been an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since October 26, 2009, and it has been given a grade of A+ by the BBB. This is on an overall grade scale of A+ through F. Throughout the past three years, there have been no complaints filed through the Better Business Bureau on United Gold Direct.

The company also has a 5-star rating with TrustLink. This is based upon 18 reviews with TrustLink, the majority of these reviews being extremely positive regarding the service that was received from United Gold Direct.

The Bottom Line

When purchasing any type of financial product or service, it is important to ensure that the underlying company is trustworthy, as well as that it provides a good selection of products and services to meet one’s overall goals.

Based on its product variety, as well as its high industry grades – in conjunction with its 0 complaints via the Better Business Bureau – investors will likely feel safe doing business through United Gold Direct.

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