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The Hartford Gold Group Review

Investors today are seeking the best alternatives for their money – and keeping funds in the constantly volatile stock market may not be the answer. Instead, there are many investors who are finding that purchasing gold and other precious metals can give them the opportunity for long-term growth, as well as a hedge against future inflation. It can also help in protecting hard earned principal.

By purchasing gold and precious metals inside of an IRA (Individual Retirement Account), the benefits can be even better. This is because the gain is tax-deferred, essentially allowing for exponential growth over time.

Prior to opening a precious metals IRA account and purchasing gold or other metals, though, it is always best to ensure that the dealer you are working through is reputable, and that it offers a wide selection of products that you can choose from. This can help you in diversifying your overall portfolio in order to better move you towards your financial goals. One potential avenue for precious metals IRA investing is The Hartford Gold Group.

The Hartford Gold Group is based in Los Angeles, California. Although the company has only been in business since 2015, it has high ratings in the industry, and no complaints of note. It also offers some unique options in terms of precious metals IRAs.

Products Offered By The Hartford Gold Group

The Hartford Gold Group focuses primarily on gold and silver products for sale. Gold is available in both bar and coin form. Some of the company’s most popular gold offerings include the following:

  • American Eagle

  • American Buffalo

  • Canadian Maple Leaf

  • 1984 U.S. Commemorative

  • South African Krugerrand

  • Austrian Philharmonic

  • 1 Ounce Bar

  • $20 St. Gauden MS61

Silver products are also available in both bar and coin form. Some of the more popular items that are offered through The Hartford Gold Group include:

  • American Eagle

  • American Eagle Proof

  • 2014 Canadian Arctic Fox

  • 2013 Canadian Polar Bear

  • Canadian Maple Leaf

  • 1 Ounce Rounds

  • 100 Ounce Bar

  • Half Dollars

  • Mercury Dimes

  • Morgan Dollar

The company provides the latest metals news, as well as gold and silver market updates (during market hours) directly on its website. In doing so, investors can get an idea of what the price for various metals are selling for. (Although in order to get more exact prices, it is recommended that investors call the company).

Storage and Delivery

The Hartford Gold Group offers the Home Storage IRA Program for the storage of IRA account holders’ precious metals. This actually allows the account holder to keep the metals at their own home and to act as the manager of their own IRA account via an LLC. The account funds just like a normal IRA account. However, rather than having a third party custodian control the account, the IRA account holder is in control of the metals.

Opening a Precious Metals IRA Account

The opening of a precious metals IRA account via The Hartford Gold Group is easy, and can be accomplished in just three simple steps. An account specialist at The Hartford Gold Group can assist with any of the paperwork that is needed to open an account. The account will also have to be funded. This can be done by making a deposit into the account – up to the annual maximum that is allowed.

Funds may also be rolled over from an eligible retirement account. These accounts can include Traditional and Roth IRAs, 401(k) plans, 457 plans, Thrift Savings Plans (TSP) plans, and 403(b) plans. Often, it can take as little as just three days for funds to transfer over from these types of accounts.

Once the new IRA account has been funded, metals can be selected for purchase inside of the account. The advisors at The Hartford Gold Group can help with choosing which metals will be right for you, based on your specific goals.

Customer Service

The customer service representatives at The Hartford Gold Group are available to assist with opening accounts, as well as to advise on product selection. Reps can be reached via email and toll-free phone line. Investors can also engage in live chat with a customer service rep. This can help to get questions and / or concerns answered quickly. Business hours are between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Pacific time, Monday through Friday.

The Hartford Gold Group provides a great deal of education for investors and other website visitors directly on its site. This is easy to find on the tab labeled Investor Education. Here, individuals can learn much more about the demand for gold and precious metals, as well as how to diversify, how metals can hedge against inflation, and other important facts and information.

The Hartford Gold Group Company Ratings and Grades

The Hartford Gold Group has recently become an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (June 3, 2016). The BBB has given the company a grade of A-, on an overall grade scale of between A+ to F. Since this time, there have been no complaints through the BBB regarding the Hartford Gold Group.

There are also no complaints on file through the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA), where The Hartford Gold Group has been rated as an A. The company has been a BCA member since June 2015.

There are no complaints filed through TrustLink either. Here, The Hartford Gold Group has been given a 5-star review by this industry entity. There are several customer reviews that are published on TrustLink’s website, both of which are highly complementary. TrustPilot has also given the company a 5-star review and a TrustScore of 9.1. This is based on a total of 40 customer reviews.

The Bottom Line

When reviewing a possible relationship with a financial related company, it is essential to know whether or not the entity has a positive background in the industry, as well as whether or not the products and services that it offers will fit in with your needs.

For those who are seeking to invest in gold and other precious metals, The Hartford Gold Group can offer a nice selection of gold and silver options. It also makes it easy to get a self-directed IRA account open quickly and easily so that these metals can start working for you.

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