Goldco Direct Review

Investors who are seeking an opportunity for long-term growth, coupled with protection of principal, may find this by investing in gold and other precious metals. When placing these financial vehicles inside of an IRA account, the benefits can be intensified even further when considering the tax advantages.

Ensuring that you are purchasing your precious metals with the right company is essential. Therefore, a thorough review of the products that are offered, along with industry ratings, will be essential.

One company that has a top-notch reputation in the metals arena is Goldco Direct. Established in 2006, this metals dealer provides a wide array of gold and silver metals, as well as other items for investors and collectors. This metals dealer is well known in the industry, and it offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Products Offered Through Goldco Direct

Goldco Direct offers a number of both gold and silver products – including many that are eligible to be included in gold and silver IRA accounts. Some of the top selling gold products include the following:

  • Gold American Eagle

  • Gold Canadian Maple Leaf

  • Gold Vienna Philharmonic

  • Gold Arctic Fox

  • Gold American Buffalo

  • Gold Australian Nugget

Some of the preferred silver coins that are offered by Goldco include:

  • Silver American Eagle

  • Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

  • Silver Australian Kookaburra

  • Silver Britannia

  • Silver Arctic Fox

  • Silver Mexican Libertad

Metals Storage and Delivery

The IRS requires physical metals funding of a precious metals IRA account to be maintained by a depository and to be administered by the custodial institution. However, when an investor transfers at least $25,000 into a Gold or a Silver IRA account with Goldco, the company will pay the metals storage fees for up to three years.

How to Open a Precious Metals IRA Account

Goldco offers both a gold and a silver IRA account option. Depending on what type of metals an investor wishes to focus on, one or the other of these accounts may be more beneficial. A Goldco IRA expert can help in determining the better option.

Goldco Direct makes it easy to open a precious metals IRA account and start investing in gold and other metals. This can happen in just three easy steps. First, a Goldco Precious Metals IRA expert will help with getting the application paperwork completed.

Once the account is open, it can then be funded. Deposits can be made directly into the account in cash – up to the maximum annual contribution amount each year. Investors can also roll over existing IRA and / or 401(k) funds. Doing so can really help to boost the amount of money that is in the account for investing in precious metals.

After the account has been funded, investors can work directly with a Goldco Precious Metals IRA expert in choosing which metals may be best for them, as it pertains to their specific financial goals.

Goldco Direct also offers a Self Storage Gold IRA account. This offers investors a high degree of control over their portfolios – provided that it is structured properly. With this type of an IRA account, the investor is the manager of an IRA LLC. As the manager of the LLC, there are no administrative fees.

With the self storage IRA option, investors get fast and accurate LLC set up, as well as all of the necessary state article filings. Also included are the IRS tax ID number filings, as well as the creation and / or rollover of the gold IRA account. In addition, all of the necessary banking authorizations for checking accounts will be included. This IRA account will include an unlimited number of consultations with an expert Goldco IRA team. That is because Goldco Direct wants to ensure that everything is set up and in place so that the investor in on track to meet specific financial goals.

Goldco Direct Customer Service

There are several ways in which Goldco customer service reps can be reached. These include phone, fax, and email. There is also a form located on the company’s website that can be filled out and then a callback requested by a customer service representative. The fastest way to get questions answered is to call into the toll-free number during business hours. Representatives can also be reached via online live chat.

Goldco Direct has also placed a number of videos on its website that can be viewed by investors. These can be helpful for investors in learning more about how to invest in precious metals, as well as for getting up-to-date market information.

Company Ratings

Goldco Direct has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since December 9, 2011. The company has been given a grade of A+ by the BBB, on an overall grade scale of A+ through F.

Over the last three years, Goldco has closed two complaints through the Better Business Bureau. One of these complaints focused on the company’s advertising / sales issues, and the other had to do with problems with the company’s products and / or services. (Over the past year, however, there were 0 complaints regarding Goldco Direct through the BBB).

Goldco Direct also has a high rating with the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). This agency has rated the company as an AAA, and there are no complaints on file with the BCA over the past three years. Likewise, TrustLink has also rated Goldco Direct highly, with 5-stars. This is based on 211 total customer reviews – most of which are extremely positive.

The Bottom Line

For those who really want choice with their precious metals IRA account, they can get it by choosing to work with Goldco Direct. This company offers a Gold and Silver IRA account, and a Self Storage IRA option. The company will walk investors through all of the necessary steps to setting up the account, as well as the LLC and the checking account.

In addition, Goldco Direct is highly rated, has very few customer complaints, and has many years of good solid history on its side. Given that, it could be a good option for those who are seeking choice with their precious metals IRA investing.

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